15 Best Restaurant Terraces in Madrid

Indulge in the epitome of culinary delight as we unveil a curated selection of the best restaurant terraces in Madrid, where exquisite flavors meet captivating views. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for unforgettable dining spots that offer not just sumptuous meals, but also an experience that lingers in your memories. Well, Madrid, the vibrant heart of Spain, has a delightful secret to share: its enchanting restaurant terraces.

Picture this: the sun dipping below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city’s historic streets, and you’re nestled on a cozy terrace with a gastronomic masterpiece in front of you. I’m here to be your guide, your taste bud tempter, as we embark on a journey through the best restaurant terraces in Madrid.

Savoring delectable dishes while the gentle breeze rustles the leaves overhead is an experience that truly captures the essence of Madrid’s culinary scene. From the moment you step onto these terraces, you’ll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere that’s a perfect blend of Spanish charm and urban sophistication.

A Restaurant Terrace in Madrid
Best Restaurant Terraces in Madrid

The vibrant Spanish capital is renowned for its passionate approach to food, and what better way to relish its culinary treasures than by enjoying them on a stunning outdoor terrace? Whether you’re seeking a romantic candlelit dinner, a casual lunch with friends, or a place to celebrate life’s special moments, Madrid’s restaurant terraces have it all.

As we explore these hidden gems scattered across the city, you’ll discover terraces that offer panoramic views of iconic landmarks, such as the majestic Royal Palace and the bustling Puerta del Sol. These terraces aren’t just about the food – they’re about immersing yourself in the soul of Madrid.

Imagine sipping on a glass of finely aged Spanish wine while the rhythmic sounds of Spanish guitar fill the air. Each terrace tells a unique story, and I can’t wait to share those stories with you. From the traditional tapas bars that have stood the test of time to the innovative rooftop eateries that redefine modern dining, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

So, my fellow adventurers, get ready to embark on a culinary escapade like no other. Throughout this guide, we’ll delve into the flavors, the ambiance, and the sheer magic that these restaurant terraces bring to the table. Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds and soak in the Madrid sun in the most unforgettable way? Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of the best restaurant terraces in Madrid – where every meal is a celebration and every moment is savored.


Address: C/ Gran Vía, 31.

Tucked within the iconic Hyatt hotel on Gran Vía, El Jardín de Diana stands as a testament to Spanish culinary finesse. While specializing in authentic Spanish flavors, this haven boasts a petite terrace that overlooks the heart of Madrid. The terrace is crowned by a mesmerizing sculpture of Diana Cazadora, casting a watchful eye over the bustling city below. From vegetarian delights to a captivating cocktail menu, this terrace offers a symphony of flavors against a stunning urban backdrop.


Address: Calle de Sevilla, 3.

Elevating the terrace experience to new heights, the Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid presents an impeccable blend of culinary artistry and architectural splendor. Curated by renowned chef Dani García, the menu takes guests on an epicurean journey through classics reimagined and seafood delicacies. The terrace’s colonial-inspired decor, brought to life by the Swedish design studio Martin Brudnizki, evokes an atmosphere of refined luxury. From the vibrant color palette to the harmonious integration with its surroundings, this terrace is an invitation to savor the very essence of Madrid.


Address: Paseo de Panamá, s/n.

Nestled within the emerald embrace of Retiro Park, Florida Park’s Terrace is a tranquil oasis that beckons with the promise of picturesque sunsets. Drawing inspiration from the oases of Morocco’s desert, this warm-toned haven captures the essence of far-off lands. The menu, curated by Iván Cerdeño, celebrates both traditional and innovative flavors, each dish a masterpiece that mirrors the oasis-like beauty of its setting. As the sun dips below the horizon, embrace the magic of Madrid while surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Address: Pl. de España, 3.

Elevate your senses to the 12th floor of Hotel VP Plaza España Design, where the Ginkgo Sky Bar offers an extraordinary rooftop experience. With sweeping vistas encompassing the West Park and the Casa de Campo, this terrace provides a panoramic window into Madrid’s grandeur. The Ginkgo Shows, a fusion of music, gastronomy, and events, elevate your dining experience to an unforgettable crescendo. Amidst the starlit sky, indulge in the Dinner and Entertainment show “Jamón & Japón” – a captivating symphony of flavors and culture.

One of the best Restaurant Terraces in Madrid
Best Restaurant Terraces in Madrid


Address: Arturo Soria, 207.

Stepping into El Jardín de Alma, you’re greeted by a verdant paradise, carefully curated by Jesús González Espartero. This restaurant has transformed its ample garden into a tranquil terrace, where diners revel in a spacious environment designed for both comfort and safety. Here, the trinity of product, quality, and tradition converge to form a market-inspired menu that captures the essence of each season. From dawn to dusk, this oasis is a testament to Madrid’s commitment to culinary excellence.

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Address: Plaza de la Independencia, 4.

Under the watchful gaze of the Puerta de Alcalá, the iconic Ramsés restaurant beckons with an avant-garde gastronomic adventure. Its alluring terrace, meticulously designed and well-appointed, is a captivating stage for a symphony of flavors. Chef Sergi Sanz curates a menu that takes you from the opulence of caviar and oysters to the heartiness of grilled land and sea treasures. Here, culinary innovation meets architectural elegance, making every visit an unforgettable experience.


Address: Calle de Sta Engracia, 100.

Discover a culinary gem nestled along Santa Engracia Street – La Bientirada. This newly opened hotspot beckons with its inviting terrace, a perfect spot for unwinding over tapas and refreshing drinks. Beyond its signature gilda and torreznos, the restaurant now offers an enticing breakfast menu, ensuring that delightful flavors accompany you throughout the day. With Mediterranean cuisine at its core, La Bientirada effortlessly merges tradition and innovation in every bite.


Address: Calle de San Bernardo, 1, 7ª Planta.

Elevate your dining experience to new heights at La Terraza del Santo Domingo. As you ascend to the 7th floor, you’re welcomed into a world of chic elegance and panoramic vistas. This terrace boasts an intricately designed ambiance, ideal for sipping cocktails, indulging in à la carte delights, or immersing yourself in a culinary journey through a meticulously crafted tasting menu. At sunset, this urban oasis transforms into an ethereal haven under the Madrid sky.


Address: Calle de Velázquez, 102.

Embark on a journey through flavors at El Hombre Pez, where the aromatic blend of Cantabrian and Indian cuisines transport you to a world of culinary fusion. This winter terrace offers a vibrant setting for savoring meats and fishes cooked to perfection in a tandoori oven, infused with the spices that define Indian gastronomy. Surrounded by lush vegetation and bathed in sunlight, the terrace is an inviting haven for food enthusiasts seeking a distinctive taste experience.

10. POPA

Address: Calle Sta. María Magdalena, 14.

As the sun sets over the Chamartín district, Popa comes to life as a modern haven that blends innovation and comfort seamlessly. The menu, carefully curated by Chef Willy Moya, offers a culinary journey that captures the essence of quality and creativity. The “Lo que diga Willy” menu lets you surrender your palate to the chef’s artistry, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance across the taste buds. Whether indulging in familiar classics or exploring culinary novelties, every dish is a masterpiece.

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Address: Castellana, 95.

Transport yourself to the realms of Indochina and 1940s Japan at Le Macao’s enchanting dual terraces. Whether it’s the covered space or the open-air haven, both terraces offer a sensory journey through time and culture. The meticulous interior design by Cousi Interiorismo sets the stage for a menu that pays homage to two distinct culinary legacies. With an ambiance that evokes eras gone by, Le Macao’s terraces beckon with a promise of exotic flavors and vibrant colors.


Address: C. de Argumosa, 43.

Experience the intersection of contemporary art and gastronomy at Nubel, nestled within the Reina Sofía Museum. As you dine beneath the creative brushstrokes of Roy Lichtenstein and the architectural mastery of Jean Nouvel, the menu unveils a modern twist on traditional dishes. With a touch of urban chic and a dash of timeless flavors, Nubel offers a dining experience that’s as unique and engaging as the art that surrounds it.

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Address: Pl. de Celenque, 2.

On the cusp of Madrid’s culinary evolution stands Oroya, an avant-garde establishment that encapsulates innovation and luxury. Set within the Madrid Edition hotel, its terrace offers an awe-inspiring view of the city’s rooftops. Under the leadership of Chef Diego Muñoz, Oroya boasts a glass-encased space reminiscent of an elegant greenhouse. The space is complemented by a terrace featuring a fireplace and a pergola, creating an inviting atmosphere for both intimate conversations and unforgettable gatherings. With the added allure of the largest infinity pool in Madrid, Oroya offers a sensory journey that engages every sense.


Address: Pl. de la Lealtad, 5.

El Jardín del Ritz, nestled within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, offers an exquisite dining experience that seamlessly blends traditional Spanish cuisine with contemporary elegance. This culinary haven captures the essence of Madrid’s cultural mosaic, offering a symphony of flavors curated by the renowned Quique Dacosta. Amidst lush foliage and serene furnishings, each dish is a masterpiece that takes your taste buds on a journey through Spain’s rich culinary heritage.


Address: C. de Arturo Soria, 126.

La Txulapona’s Garden is an enchanting rooftop sanctuary, designed for those seeking an intimate dining experience enveloped in a modern ambiance. As the seasons change, this Arturo Soria Plaza oasis adapts seamlessly, inviting you to revel in its tranquil atmosphere regardless of the weather. From intimate gatherings to romantic dinners, this terrace is an ideal backdrop for unforgettable moments and delectable cuisine.

With each terrace unveiling its own unique story and culinary adventure, Madrid’s dining scene becomes a symphony of flavors, creativity, and passion. As you embark on this gastronomic journey through the heart of the city, prepare to be captivated by the fusion of exquisite dishes and stunning vistas that await.

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So there you have it, fellow food enthusiasts and travelers alike! Exploring the vibrant culinary scene of Madrid goes beyond the traditional indoor dining experience. As you’ve journeyed through the realm of restaurant terraces, you’ve discovered a world where gastronomy and breathtaking views converge in perfect harmony. From the opulent elegance of El Jardín de Diana to the modern sophistication of Le Macao, each terrace offers a unique story waiting to be savored.

Dining al fresco in Madrid isn’t just about enjoying a meal; it’s about immersing yourself in the heart and soul of this remarkable city. With each bite, you’ve tasted the passion and creativity that Spanish chefs infuse into every dish. With every panoramic view, you’ve taken in the city’s history and grandeur. And as you’ve reveled in the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze, you’ve experienced the true essence of Madrid’s charm.

Whether you’re an avid foodie seeking new taste adventures or a traveler seeking unforgettable moments, these terraces are a must on your Madrid itinerary. The city’s vibrant energy, cultural richness, and gastronomic excellence come together on these elevated platforms, inviting you to indulge in the best of both worlds.

Experience the height of culinary delight and panoramic splendor as you explore the 15 Best Restaurant Terraces in Madrid, where flavors and views intertwine in a symphony of gastronomic excellence. So, the next time you find yourself in Madrid, remember to make a reservation at one of these splendid terraces. Each terrace is a chapter in the culinary story of Madrid, and by experiencing them all, you’ll truly get to know the city’s soul like never before. Buen provecho!