Hey there! I’m Ellie, and I’ve embarked on an incredible journey as an expat in Madrid. This vibrant city has become my playground for adventure and discovery, and I’m thrilled to share my experiences with you through this travel blog.

As a passionate explorer, I’m always chasing after the hidden gems and breathtaking moments that make travel so irresistible. Sometimes, you’ll find me wandering through the bustling streets of Madrid, savoring the culture and cuisine. Other times, I might be venturing into the serene countryside or hopping on a train for a spontaneous weekend getaway.

I’m a pretty fun person, as long as my stomach isn’t rumbling, perpetually curious about what lies beyond the horizon. I am someone who can’t resist the call of adventure. I’m smitten with the art of blogging and storytelling.

I’m a bit unconventional and incredibly spontaneous. Everything I need to fuel my adventures fits snugly into a backpack – coffee, chocolate, charged batteries, and my trusty notepad. Armed with these essentials, I’m always ready to craft new stories of my escapades.

Beyond Madrid’s cobblestone streets lies an entire world of experiences waiting to be embraced. This blog is a space for fellow wanderers, globetrotters, and anyone who relishes the thrill of discovering new places. Join me as I dive into the heart of Madrid’s culture, explore its hidden corners, and uncover its best-kept secrets.