Architecture in Madrid: 20 most beautiful buildings

Explore the exquisite architecture in Madrid through our curated list of the 20 most beautiful buildings in Madrid. Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain, boasts a rich architectural heritage that spans centuries. From modernist masterpieces to neoclassical gems, the city is a treasure trove of stunning buildings that tell stories of history, culture, and innovation. Join us on a journey to explore the 20 most beautiful buildings in Madrid that are sure to captivate your senses.

A look into Architecture in Madrid: 20 most beautiful buildings
Architecture in Madrid: 20 most beautiful buildings

1. Casa Gallardo

Address: Plaza de España, 4, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Our architectural journey begins with Casa Gallardo, an exquisite example of modernist design located in Plaza de España. Built in 1914, this building stands out for its beautiful facade adorned with organic and eclectic elements. Designed by architect Federico Arias Rey, Casa Gallardo was declared a Cultural Heritage site at the end of the 20th century.

2. Torres Blancas

Address: Calle de Juan Bravo, 3, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Next up is Torres Blancas, a remarkable cylindrical concrete building that graced Madrid’s skyline in the late 1960s. Standing at approximately 80 meters tall, it is a testament to the visionary architect Sáenz de Oíza. This building houses both offices and residences, making it a unique blend of form and function.

3. Iglesia de los Jerónimos

Address: Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 19, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The Iglesia de los Jerónimos, also known as San Jerónimo el Real, is now part of Madrid’s Cultural Heritage. Although only the church and cloister remain from the original structure, visitors can explore them when visiting the nearby Museo del Prado.

4. Palacio de Cristal

Address: Paseo República de Cuba, 4, 28009 Madrid, Spain

A true gem of Madrid, the Palacio de Cristal was erected in 1887 for the Exposición de las Islas Filipinas. Architect Ricardo Velázquez drew inspiration from London’s Crystal Palace, resulting in this stunning glass and iron structure. Today, it serves as a temporary contemporary art exhibition space within the Museo Reina Sofía.

5. Museo del Prado

Address: Paseo del Prado, s/n, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The Museo del Prado is a world-renowned institution, drawing art enthusiasts from around the globe. Completed in 1785 by architect Juan de Villanueva, it was originally intended as a Gabinete de Ciencias Naturales but later transformed into a museum of paintings by Queen Isabel de Braganza, opening its doors in 1819.

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6. Edificio Metrópolis

Address: Calle de Alcalá, 39, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The Edificio Metrópolis is an iconic and highly photographed landmark in Madrid. Constructed in 1911 by French architects Jules and Raymond Février, it once held the title of the city’s tallest building, soaring to a height of 45 meters at the corner of Calle Alcalá and the beginning of Gran Vía.

7. Palacio Longoria

Address: Calle Fernando VI, 4, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Palacio Longoria, an impressive modernist building, graces the heart of Madrid. Designed by architect José Grases Riera in 1904, it currently serves as the headquarters of SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores).

8. Palacio de Liria

Address: Calle de la Princesa, 20, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Known as the “little brother of the Royal Palace,” the neoclassical Palacio de Liria stands on Calle Princesa. Built in 1773 by architect Ventura Rodríguez for the III Duke of Berwick and Liria, it encompasses 3,500 square meters across 200 rooms and is now open to the public.

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9. Edificio Carrión

Address: Gran Vía, 41, 28013 Madrid, Spain

On Gran Vía, near Plaza de Callao, you’ll find Edificio Carrión, also known as the Capitol Building due to its former role as the Hotel Capitol. This Art Deco masterpiece was designed by architects Luis Martínez-Feduchi Ruiz and Vicente Eced and Eced and was constructed between 1931 and 1933.

10. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Address: Plaza de Cibeles, s/n, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The neo-Plateresque-style Ayuntamiento de Madrid, originally built in 1903 as the Office of Mail and Telegraphs, now houses the City Hall. Designed by architects Antonio Palacios and Joaquín Otamendi, it is a testament to Madrid’s architectural grandeur.

11. Casa Palazuelo

Address: Calle de Alcalá, 30, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Casa Palazuelo, located in the heart of Madrid, stands as one of the city’s earliest commercial buildings. Designed by Spanish architect Antonio Palacios, this building is renowned for its elegant interior, characterized by a predominant use of white and gold accents. The impressive central courtyard is bathed in natural light streaming through a glass ceiling.

12. Instituto Patrimonio Cultural de España

Address: Calle de Serrano, 13, 28001 Madrid, Spain

The Instituto Patrimonio Cultural de España (IPCE) stands as a unique architectural wonder in Ciudad Universitaria. Constructed in the 1970s, its circular design and pointed roof, often referred to as “la corona de espinas” (the crown of thorns), make it an unmistakable landmark. The IPCE’s mission is the conservation and restoration of Spain’s historical cultural treasures.

13. Edificio Fundación Telefónica

Address: Gran Vía, 28, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Situated on the bustling Gran Vía, the Edificio Fundación Telefónica has a storied past. When it was completed in 1930, it became Europe’s first skyscraper, and it marked a historic moment by hosting the first transoceanic phone call to the United States. This iconic building continues to grace Madrid’s skyline with its presence.

14. Edificio España

Address: Plaza de España, 18, 28008 Madrid, Spain

The emblematic Edificio España, inaugurated in 1953, has transformed into the Riu Plaza de España hotel. Designed by the Otamendi Machimbarrena brothers in a neobaroque style, it once held the title of Spain’s tallest building until the nearby Torre de Madrid was completed in 1960.

15. Hotel Ritz

Address: Calle de Felipe IV, 1, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The luxurious Hotel Ritz, located along Paseo del Prado, opened its doors in 1910 and was the creation of French architect Charles H. Mewes. It has since been a symbol of opulence and hospitality, offering a glimpse into Madrid’s history of grandeur and elegance.

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16. Museo Geominero

Address: Ríos Rosas, 23, 28003 Madrid, Spain

The building that houses the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain) was constructed in the mid-1940s. Designed by Francisco Javier de Luque, the museum houses an extensive collection of minerals, rocks, and fossils from Spain’s geological heritage.

17. Estación Príncipe Pío

Address: Paseo de la Florida, 41, 28008 Madrid, Spain

The Estación Príncipe Pío, also known as Estación del Norte, was constructed in 1928 by French engineers on behalf of the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España. Its main building boasts an art deco design and recently reopened its doors as a theater after more than 25 years of disuse.

18. Museo ABC

Address: Calle de Amaniel, 29, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Originally built in 1891 as the first Mahou Brewery in central Madrid, the building that now houses the Museo ABC was transformed into a museum in 2010. After a renovation by Aranguren & Gallegos architects, it features a striking facade adorned with metallic triangles, making it a favorite spot for Instagram enthusiasts.

19. Casa Velázquez

Address: Avenida de Arco de la Victoria, 5, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Casa Velázquez, a neoclassical palace constructed in 1928, was commissioned by the French government to provide a residence for young artists and researchers.

20. Museo del Ferrocarril

Address: Paseo de las Delicias, 61, 28045 Madrid, Spain

The Museo del Ferrocarril, located in the former Estación de Delicias, opened its doors in 1984, offering a fascinating journey through Spain’s railway history. The station, inaugurated in 1880, once played a crucial role in passenger, cargo, and locomotive services.

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Architecture in Madrid: 20 most beautiful buildings
Architecture in Madrid: 20 most beautiful buildings

You have just discovered the captivating world of architecture in Madrid as we have unveiled the 20 most beautiful buildings in the city. Madrid’s architectural splendor knows no bounds. Whether you’re strolling along its bustling avenues or exploring its tranquil corners, the city’s buildings are a testament to its rich history and artistic vision. Join us in celebrating Madrid’s architectural wonders, and let our list inspire your next visit to this dynamic metropolis.