40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid

Discover the enchanting world of decor with our curated guide to The 40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid, where style meets inspiration at every corner. Ready to uncover the most charming home decor stores that Madrid has to offer? I’m here to guide you on a tour of the 40 most stunning and unique decoration shops scattered across this vibrant city. If you’re a lover of all things interior design like me, then you’re in for a treat. Get your shopping bags ready, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey through Madrid’s most exquisite decor havens.

Madrid has transformed into a true haven for those of us addicted to captivating home aesthetics. Whether you’re a professional interior designer or just someone with an extra dash of style, you’re in for a treat. With unique shops, mesmerizing window displays, and interiors that are simply oozing with allure, the Spanish capital is a playground for those seeking the perfect pieces to adorn their living spaces.

A store from one of the 40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid
40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid

Picture yourself stepping into stores that are not just shops, but true treasure troves. They hold the potential to transform your house into a haven of individuality, complete with antiques, vintage finds, and designer pieces that ooze character. You’ll uncover objects that exude a sense of history, textiles that tell stories, and furniture that’s as much art as it is functional.

And guess what? The people behind these decorative gems are just as fascinating as the treasures they offer. From well-known interior designers like the dynamic duo behind Mestizo Store to the legendary family Zunzunegui behind Becara, and the young entrepreneurs adding their flair to the mix – each store has a unique story to tell. Their passion, expertise, and creativity are what make these stores more than just shopping destinations.

But that’s not all – we’ll explore a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its own vibe and flair. Whether you’re seeking minimalistic Scandinavian pieces, vintage vibes, or a touch of Mexican charm, Madrid’s got it all.

So, ready to dive into a world of beauty, elegance, and design wonders? Join me as we venture through Madrid’s most captivating decoration shops. From hidden treasures to renowned classics, this is your ultimate guide to finding that perfect piece that will transform your house into a unique, stylish home. Let’s get started on this exciting journey, shall we?

The 40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid

Are you ready for a shopping spree in the heart of the capital city, exploring the most beautiful decorations and the most unique furniture? We’ve lined up 40 incredible stops for you to discover the most special decoration, design, and furniture stores in Madrid. Join us on this journey!

Madrid has transformed into a haven for decoration enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional interior designer or an amateur with a flair for style, the city has become a hub for unique stores with mesmerizing displays and interiors that are simply irresistible.

These stores hold a treasure trove of distinctive pieces that will transform your home into a one-of-a-kind haven. Here, you can find everything from antiques, vintage objects, and mid-century furniture to limited-edition designs by renowned brands. These elegant and enticing establishments not only showcase the latest furniture trends but also keep you informed about the latest colors, finishes, and styles, adding the perfect finishing touch to your living spaces.

A street wiht some of the 40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid
40 Most Beautiful Decoration Stores in Madrid

Meet the Minds Behind these Decoration Stores

Behind some of these decoration stores are well-known interior designers, such as Mestizo Store, guided by the expert hands of Miguel Valcárcel and Luis Puerta, who meticulously curate each piece that graces their store. There are also legendary stores with decades of experience in the field, like Becara, founded by the Zunzunegui family. And, of course, there are those stores run by young entrepreneurs who infuse their passion into spaces that radiate charm and personal sensitivity. La Oficial is a prime example, a retro haven brimming with humor, where trendy dishes are bought by weight, reminiscent of fruit, but with an added touch of unparalleled style.

Explore the Enchanting Stores of Madrid

This list is a treasure trove of Madrid’s most enchanting and unique decoration stores. Catering to various tastes, both in terms of style and budget, these stores are spread across different neighborhoods. Let’s embark on a deco journey through the capital!


Founded by Sofía Leirós, Miguel Valcárcel, and Luis Puerta, Mestizo Studio (their interior design studio) gave birth to Mestizo Store, located at Calle Piamonte, 4, in the Salesas neighborhood. Within its spacious 300 square meters, the store exclusively features furniture, decor, lighting, and textiles, all embracing the allure of imperfection.

2- IKB 191 and L.A. STUDIO

Carlos López, the visionary behind these iconic stores, embarked on his journey in El Rastro, Madrid’s famed flea market. At IKB 191, located at Calle del Barquillo, 11, and L.A. Studio, situated at Calle de Castelló, 8, contemporary pieces and vintage designs have found their homes in the heart of the city.


Located at Calle General Arrando, 12, Tocamadera is a 237-square-meter multi-brand store. Owned by Erica Greci, the store offers a carefully curated selection of top-tier brands and designers, including Moroso, Jaime Hayón, and Missoni Home.


Piluca Hueso, the visionary behind Rue Vintage 74, opens her doors at Pasaje de Doña Carlota, 6. Here, she showcases the transformative power of textiles and accessories, creating three distinct bedrooms by merely altering textiles and accents.


Step into the world of Eturel, nestled in the La Latina neighborhood, where traditional agricultural fabrics are woven into decorative articles and fashion pieces. Since 2016, Eturel has flourished at Calle de la Ruda, 8, and also boasts a vibrant online presence.


Ángel Schlesser’s store, Galería A, sits at Santo Tomé, 4. Specializing in mid-century furniture, primarily of Scandinavian origin, this space is a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts seeking their next unique find.

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DOOC, a brainchild of Joaquín Cachón, an architect, and Augusto Munhoz, a designer, is a two-story design concept store in the Malasaña neighborhood. Nestled at Calle Espíritu Santo, 27, DOOC offers a glimpse into the world of design. It also has a second location in Plaza de Antón Martín and a thriving online store.


A must-visit on our journey, Ofelia Home & Decor can be found at Calle Barquillo, 33. Here, you’ll uncover an array of uniquely curated decorative articles that will breathe life into your space.


Begoña Zunzunegui’s journey began in the 1960s when she imported decor and antiques from across Europe. Today, her legacy lives on at Calle Juan Bravo, 18, where furniture, decor, textiles, and antiques converge, reflecting a lifetime of experience.


Situated at Paseo de La Habana, 105, DecoLab brings exclusive furniture designs within reach. This space is dedicated to offering competitive prices without compromising on quality and advice.


Javier Carrasco González and María Rosa Amor González’s small Chueca store, located at Calle Pelayo, 68, boasts an extensive catalog of timeless and functional pieces, designed to outlast transient trends.


La Recova, situated at Calle Ribera de Curtidores, 10, emerged in 2009 as a haven for mid-century style furniture and decorative items. Its charm continues to captivate decoration enthusiasts and seekers of unique finds.


Balakata, located at Calle Juan Bravo, 22, offers a vast collection of textile decor and fashion made from pure materials. Its emphasis on craftsmanship and artisanal touch defines its aesthetic.


Carina Casanovas and Helena Egea share a space at Núñez de Balboa, 7. Their unique selection of furniture and antiques embodies their vast experience in the field.


Discover the fusion of craftsmanship, design, and travel at Katira, located at Calle Juan Bravo, 20. Marta and Paula Castañer’s careful curation showcases pieces from artisans worldwide.


Tristán Domecq’s interior design studio, with its store at Calle Castelló, 59, is a sanctuary of colors and natural materials. The signature style of bamboo, wicker, rattan, and fiber finds its expression in his store, and his pieces are also available online.


Domestico Shop, at Calle de Lagasca, 87, boasts an impressive catalog of brands such as Knoll, Ferm Living, Herman Miller, Moooi, and Vitra. These brands offer a diverse range of decorative elements and furniture, both in-store and online.

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Hecho, located at Calle de Quesada, 2, presents a sustainable collection designed to make responsible choices accessible. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their own collection and carefully selected products.


Reno Spain, situated at Calle Mira el Río Alta, 7, within El Rastro, is a haven for vintage and mid-century Scandinavian design enthusiasts. Their collection marries original mid-20th-century designs with modern brands.


Monkey Home, at Núñez de Balboa, 80, is the result of Belén García Corsini’s vision to merge art, craftsmanship, and decoration into one space. This unique store offers carefully crafted pieces that can transform any space.


With locations at Calle Ribera de Curtidores, 29, and Núñez de Balboa, 7, Berenis is a seeker of treasures. Born in El Rastro in 1999, it showcases a diverse range of objects gathered from across Spain.


Antiques find a home at Le Belier Antiques, located at Calle Carnero, 1, where romantic and bohemian pieces grace the store. From sculptures to miniature portraits, you’re bound to find something captivating.


In addition to their interior design studio, Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro, the duo behind Casa Josephine, have a store/showroom at Calle Santa Ana, 15. Here, they curate authentic gems from the past.


Cocol, nestled at Costanilla de San Andrés, 18, in La Latina, is a sanctuary for craftsmanship. Their carefully curated selection of vintage objects adds a touch of nostalgia to any home.


At Calle Cervantes, 9, you’ll find Real Fábrica española, offering kitchen accessories, home textiles, ceramics, books, clothing, and food. This store is a celebration of traditional Spanish craftsmanship.


La Oficial operates with a unique concept: you choose ceramic pieces based on their label color, which corresponds to a price per weight. With two locations at Calle Santa Ana 6 and Pelayo 43, La Oficial mainly features Portuguese ceramics alongside pieces from La Bisbal and other Spanish regions.


At his workshop on Calle el Escorial, 28, artisan Javier Sánchez Medina creates delightful pieces from bamboo, wicker, rattan, and pure materials. His renowned animal head sculptures have captured attention, even that of Sarah Jessica Parker. His store also features ceramics and small furniture.

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Located on Calle Corredera Baja, El Moderno has established itself as a design haven. This elegant space showcases small decorative pieces from brands like Vitra, HK Living, and Octaevo. It also houses a collection of illustrations by emerging artists.


Lorenzo Meazza, the global events head at Ikea, has opened one of Madrid’s most charming stores in the heart of El Rastro. Casa Josephine, situated at Ribera de Curtidores, 12, offers romantic-style furniture that can be custom-made by Spanish artisans. Their signature blue, created in collaboration with MCPinturas, is a favorite among customers.


At Velázquez, 48, Guáimaro is a fantastic destination for unique decorative items and furniture from national and international brands. With over 500 square meters of space, it’s a dream come true for lovers of industrial aesthetics.

31- GRACE & CO

Located at Calle Piamonte, 15, Grace & Co brings together eclectic styles from around the world. Founded by an avid traveler, the store offers carefully selected furniture and decor items that reflect a passion for beauty and elegance.


Hijo de Epigmenio, at Calle de La Puebla, 13, Malasaña, is a treasure trove of traditional Spanish decor and objects. Curated by its creators, this store collects items from all over Spain, preserving the essence of traditional craftsmanship.


Piamonte 12 Concept Store, located on Calle Piamonte, 12, is a haven for style enthusiasts. This elegant space not only offers designer items but also features a hidden entrance leading to a secret, beautifully decorated karaoke room.


Beyond vintage and antique pieces, El Jueves, situated at Ribera de Curtidores, 12, crafts custom-made pieces that reflect their commitment to unique design. Their expertise extends to commercial and residential projects, adding a touch of character to every space.


Lamp aficionados will appreciate Luciolé, where customizing your own lamp is a thrilling experience. With an array of shades, cables, and fixtures available, Luciolé, located at Calle Hortaleza, 106, offers personalized lighting solutions.


Immerse yourself in Mexican craftsmanship at Huakal, located in the heart of Salamanca at Calle de Castelló, 15. This store features an array of decorative objects and ceramics sourced directly from Mexico, bringing a touch of vibrant Mexican culture to Madrid.


For a touch of Japanese-inspired decor, Aneko is the ideal destination. Situated in the Salamanca neighborhood at Calle de Castelló, 15, Aneko offers a collection of Japanese ceramics and decorative objects that reflect the essence of Japan’s aesthetic.


While not in the center of Madrid, El Deli in San Lorenzo de El Escorial is worth a visit. Housed in a century-old building, this store showcases antique furniture and carefully curated vintage pieces. The rustic charm of the store reflects its commitment to authenticity.


The flagship store of the Galician brand, Sargadelos, is a must-visit in Madrid. Located in a 19th-century building at Calle Lagasca, 25, the store preserves the building’s original elements while offering a wide range of products from the iconic brand.

40- G69

G69, found in the Salesas neighborhood at Calle del Barquillo, 11, is a creation by the French duo Géraldine and Cyril Boudarel. This store is a fusion of national and international brands, housed in a space of over 300 square meters. With an industrial touch, G69 is a paradise for lovers of industrial aesthetics.

Explore Madrid’s Decorative Delights

From classic elegance to modern innovation, Madrid’s array of decorative stores caters to every style and taste. Embark on a journey through these 40 carefully curated stores to discover unique furniture, decor, and design elements that can transform your living spaces. Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast or a lover of craftsmanship, Madrid’s decor scene offers a world of inspiration waiting to be explored.

And there you have it, dear seekers of style and ambiance! Our tour of the finest home decor stores in Madrid comes to a close. From the moment we stepped foot in Mestizo Store to the last glances we stole at the exquisite pieces of El Jueves Antigüedades, it’s been a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Madrid, with its charming streets and captivating shops, truly is a paradise for those of us who appreciate the beauty of design. As we strolled through the city’s neighborhoods, we unveiled a world of creativity, history, and craftsmanship. We’ve walked the paths of interior designers and entrepreneurs, each carving their unique niches in this ever-evolving world of decoration.

Remember the moment you set eyes on those mesmerizing ceramics at La Oficial, or the joy of finding that perfect lampshade at Luciolé? These are the moments that turn a house into a home, where every piece reflects your personality and style. The journey through Madrid’s decor scene has not only been about shopping, but about embracing the artistry that enriches our lives.

But our adventure doesn’t have to end here. Armed with a list of these remarkable stores, you now have the keys to unlock the potential of your living spaces. Mix and match, blend history with modernity, and let your creativity run wild. As you venture forth, may these stores become your secret sources of inspiration, and may your home become a canvas for your unique design story.

You can now explore the allure of interior design with our guide you through the 40 most beautiful decoration stores in Madrid, each a treasure trove of creativity and style. So, my fellow design enthusiasts, keep these names close at hand for your next visit to Madrid. Whether you’re a local looking to transform your living space or a traveler seeking that perfect memento, these stores will surely leave you inspired and delighted. Happy decorating, and until our next design adventure!